The team of The Kazakhstan are conquering the highest tops in the world

Mountain peaks, which are eight thousand meters above sea level, are cosidered to be the highest in the world. There are fourteen of them worldwide. Several sportsmen who won these peaks were featured in The Guinness World Records Book, however, there are no mountain-climbers combined team of any country which have managed to win all of the highest peaks yet.

Some of Kazakhstan's sportsmen numbering different countries' expeditions climbed to the tops of several eight thousand meters mountains in different years. And just after The Kazakhstan obtained sovereighnty The Conquering of All The Highest Mountains by the National Team Program was begun working out. The Program had been developed by The Fifteenth Anniversary of The Kazakhstan Independence.

The Kazakhstan combined team have already summited ten of those peaks, namely:

Raspopov & Pivtsov at Hidden

Goals of the project:

  • To realize an unprecedented asents of the highest mountains by the Kazakhstan national team.
  • To carryout the lap in The International Sport Action dedicated to The Fifteenth Anniversary of The Kazakhstan Independence.
  • To strengthen the Kazakhstan's mountaineering and to support Kazakhstan's positions in the world sport.
  • To organize phisical education of the new generation and further improvement of mountaineering skils of the Kazakhstan combined team.
  • To draw attention to The Kazakhstan being considerad as the republic which has its own mountaineering industry and which can encourage the development of the internatonal tourism; to raise investments in sport and tourism in The Kazakhstan.

The expeditions by the Kazakhstan team are organised by The Sport Committee of The Defence Ministry of The Kazakhstan Republic and Kazakhstan Mountaneering Club.

The head of the project and the coach of the team is Ervand Ilyinski , who is a holder of order of Honour and Friendship of Nations order, Otan, who is the merited mountaineering trainer of The USSR and of The Kazkhstan Republic, the Honoured Master of Sports of The USSR at mountaineering, the president of The Mountaineering and Rock-Climbing Federation of The Kazakhstan, the chief trainer of The Central Sport Army Club of The Kazakhstan Defence Ministry.

The team comprises climbers who have expertise in ascending of The Tien Shan, The Pamir, The Karakorum and The Himalaya through the most difficult routes.

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