Russian 8-thousand peak in Himalaya!!!

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Photo: Gleb Sokolov

May 23, 2001, 4 climbers (Evgueni Vinogradsky, Serguei Timofeev, Alexei Bolotov and Petr Kuznetsov)
made first ascent of Lhotse Middle (8414 m, Himalaya, Nepal).
Now there is the summit over the 8000m in Himalaya where the Russian were the first to step!
May 24, 3 climbers: Gleb Sokolov, Yuri Koshelenko, Nikolai Jiline.
May 27, 2 climbers: Viktor Volodin, Vladimir Yanochkin.

High-mountaineers from Soviet Union didn't have any possibility to explore Himalaya up to 1982 year.
By that time the first ascents of main Himalayan peaks have been made.
In 1982 our alpinists made incredibly difficult route of Mt.Everest.
In 1989 the second Russian expedition in Himalaya solved once more very difficult problem -
full travers of all of four 8-thousands' peaks of Kanchenunga.

Up to nowadays the problem of ascent of Lhotse Middle was unsolved - hanging walls on the South
and on the North, very long and cut crests on the West and on the East. There were four attempts
of Lhotse Middle since 1997 and in the spring of 2001 Russian expedition made ascent of this last


The members :
Cherny Nikolai (Moscow),
Gleb Sokolov (Novosibirsk),
Viktor Volodin (Moscow),
Vasily Elagin (Moscow),
Vladimir Yanochkin (Moscow),
Petr Kuznetsov (Krasnojarsk),
Yuri Koshelenko (Rostov)
Evgueni Vinogradsky ( Ekaterinburg),
Serguei Timofeev ( Ekaterinburg),
Alexei Bolotov ( Ekaterinburg),
Nikolai Jiline ( Ekaterinburg),
Yuri Ermachek( Ekaterinburg).

Organizer of the expedition and the film author - Victor Kozlov (Moscow)

Club of climbers (Ural, Russia)

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Photo: Gleb Sokolov


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17 March, 2002 The presentation of the film "Russian 8000-peak" took place in the International Trade Center in Moscow. All members of the team (12 persons) met at the ceremony, they came from the different cities and were awarded with the special medals, made in honour of their ascent to the Lhotse Middle 23-27 May, 2001. The authors of the film -
Victor Kozlov (organizer of the expedition to the Lhotse Middle) and
Pavel Kadoushin (general sponsor of the expedition and the film). The film "Russian 8000-peak" is about the history of the the attempts to summit the Lhotse Middle, about the famous russian mountaineer Vladimir Bashkirov, whoes idea was to find the way and climb the Lhotse Middle, about his death in 1997 and

about the great success of the final attempt in Spring 2001.

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