All-Russian Voluntary organization
Russian Mountaineering Federation

Location: Moscow, Russia

The main goals:
- the coordination of the activity of regional departments and development of the mountaineering for the aim of it's popularization
- holding the All Russia Mountaineering Championships
- participation in the holding of the expeditions
- holding educational-training mountaineering camps
- participation of the sportsmen in the different competitions, including International
- holding and help in providing the education of the mountaineering coaches and guides

RMF consists of Regional Departments. The leading organ of Regional Department of RMF is the Meeting of all its members, holding not rarely than onse per year.

The leading organ of the RMF is the delegates Conference, holding not rarely than once per two years.
The Conference defines the main directions of activity, confirms the working plans, elects the President of RMF for 4 years.

The President of RMF is Andrew Volkov, who was elected in December, 2003

On December, 6, at report-back election conference of Federation of mountaneering of Russia, the new president has unanimously been chosen. The new president was born in July, 1960 in Arkhangelsk. Education - The Moscow Engineering-physical Institute, specialization - atomic power stations. Long time of veins he also worked in city Tolgliatti.

Last years a place of his occupation was the International Academy of Business and the Banking where he was the rector. Dr.Sci.Tech. In some time he has moved to Moscow, having received the invitation to hold a high post of the pro-rector of Academy of national economy at the Government of the Russian Federation. The Master of sports of the international class. «The snow leopard» is engaged in mountaneering since 198.: in his active are 10 climbss on 7000-ers of the former USSR. In 1992 he climbed Everest, the member of K2 expedition in 1996, in 1997 he climbed Nanga-Parbat, in 2002 – Cho Oju. The strongest technical climb in which Andrey Volkov took part, was CHangabang climb in 1998. He's married, father of three children.

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