Mountaineering expeditions and actions in Summer 2002


Khan Tengri South Face Ural Expedition (July 2002, Tien Shan) 6995m

The goal: ascent South Face of Khan Tengri by Sviridenko route (6A-6B Russian Grade)

Members: A. Mikhailov - coach
Yuri Ermachek - leader
Nikolay Jilin
N. Shkabara
A. Primerov
A. Korobkov
V Popovich
A. Shvab
V. Shkabara

2 July the expedition had to arrived to BC at the North Inylchek Glacier.

(According to AlpclubUral)

Last year ascent Gorky Peak of Ural team (Tien Shan)

Khan Tengri South Face ascent, 1992 (only on Russian)

All Russia Championship, Rockclimbing class ( 1-15 July 2002, Erydag, Caucasus)

!5 teams from the different cities and regions of Russia take peart in this class of the All Russia Mountaineering Championship in Dagestan


18 July, 2002 All Russia Mountaineering Championship (Rockclimbing class), which took place in Dagestan at Erydag Mount, have finished.

Winners - Magnitogorsk team, the leader - Soldatov, the coach - Igolkin. Our congratulations!

The second prizer - Krasnoyarsk team, the leader -Khvostenko, the coach - Balezin

The third prizer - Irkutsk team, the leader and the coach - Kosoturov

The forth position - the team "Areal" from Uljanovsk, the leader - Kolesnichenko, the coach - Dusharin.

(according to Risk.ru)

Ushba Traverse - Georgian-Russian Expedition (July 2002, Caucasus)

The ascension is devoted to the memory of Mikhail Khergiany

Alexander Lastochkin
Vladimir Yanochkin
Serguey Dudakov
Alexey Korochkov
Alexey Trubachev - Russian team

Afy Gigany
Lev Sarkisov
Beno Kashakashvili
Bidzina Gudgabidze
Gela Otarashvili - Georgian team

Organizers: Russian Mountaineering Federation and Georgian Mountaineering Federation

Pobeda Peak Traverse (August 2002, Tien Shan) 7439m

Gleb Sokolov (Novosibirsk)

The famous Russian high-altitude mountaineer Gleb Sokolov climbed all three tops of the Lhotse Massif (Lhotse Main, Lhotse Middle and Lhotse Shar) and Makalu, Snow Leopard, Master of Sports. Gleb has 35 ascents to 7000-peaks in Pamir and Tien Shan. He is famous for his speed and solo ascents.

His expedition begins 13 July 2002.

This attempt of the Traverse will be the third, two previous were in 1998 and 1999.

Communism Peak International Expedition (July-August 2002, Pamir)

The Expedition will start 22 July 2002. Besides of Russian members, there will take part 6 members from Spain, 2 members from France, 1 member from Turkey. The organizer of the Expedition - Anatoly Moshnikov (CET Neva)

Belukha 2002 Festival (August 2002, Altay)

The festival is carried out for the purpose of getting acquainted fans of active rest with nature of Altay, and the expansion of business and amicable communications in tourism. Participants of the Festival can select a program of any degree of complexity which is applicable to their training level. The largest tourist agencies in the world will be invited as honourable guests of the Festival.




USA/Russia Yutmaru 7330 meters expedition 2002

Lev Ioffe (USA) - leader
Elena Lebedeva (Russia)
Dmitry Freitor (Russia)
Andrei Alexandrov (Russia)
Dmitry Berezin (USA)
Irina Agarkova (Russia)

Climbers will be arriving to Pakistan 7/7/02

Asghar Ali Porik JASMINE TOURS

Kongur-Tag Moscow Expedition 7719m ( China) July- August 2002

The goal: Kongur-Tag North ridge, new route

Members:Yuri Khokhlov
Andrey Petrov
Vladimir Lavrinenko
Vasily Elagin
Vjacheslav Odohovsky
Ivan Khlustikov
Alexander Urbansky
Andrey Medvedev
Ivan Volodin
Victor Kulbachenko
Vladimir Legkih
Sergey Larin
Vladimir Stetsenko

Organizer: Moscow Mountaineering and Rockclimbing Federation

ERSH TRAVELS expedition to Mustag-Ata 7546m (China) July-August 2002

The expedition will start 14 July 2002 to Bishkek, than to China.



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