During the II International Festival Khan Tengri 2003

The 1st International Rescuers Gathering - 2003

Central Tien-Shan (Kazakhstan) July 17- August 7.

The program includes:

  • Khan Tengri (7010 m) ascension
  • Joint participation in salvage operations in mountains conditions
  • Rescue technics demonstration
  • The best team award

Rescue teams of all countries are invited. The team consists of 6 members. Teams can be free-of-charge invited (see below)

The Gathering organizers are Almaty city Hall and “The Almaty city Rescue Service”.

Dear Sirs,

To each Emergency Service, ready to participate in "1st International Rescuers Gathering - 2003", we will send "the team questionnaire - application" which is filled on behalf of all team (preferably a team should consist till six persons and represent only one country) and "the personal questionnaire for each participant of the team".

In more detail about each questionnaire:
1. "The Team questionnaire - application" - is filled by administration of Emergency Service or by the responsible person of the team. Presence of the signature, a seal and date of filling of the application is necessary. After filling - the copy should be sending us by fax: +7 (3272) 71-44-90. It will be official document for our organizing committee that confirms your wishing to participate in the Gathering. Upon arrival to the Gathering the team is obliged to present the original of "the team questionnaire-application".
2. "The Personal questionnaire of the participant" - is filled for each participant separately. After filling it should be send by e-mail: Upon arrival - each participant should bring with itself two photos - 3 ? 4 cm.

We will send those questionnaires to all interested Emergency Services.

After their filling, the organizing committee will define, in what saving work the team is engaged (that is whether the team is Emergency Service which the organizing committee can invite further free-of-charge to the Rescuers Gathering during the period from July, 17 till August, 07, 2003 and only within the program: Almaty - Khan Tengri - Almaty or can arrive only like clients - who will pay).

We have basic requirement to everyone who will be free-of-charge invited (naturally after discussion and the statement of this team by our organizing committee). The preference of organizing committee will be given to team up to 6 persons, which represents only one country.

Obligatory requirements to the team

(1). The team invited free-of-charge (under the program: Almaty - Khan Tengri - Almaty) should result with itself:
1. A photo materials for the stand (which it will be exposed in Base Camp in a final part of festival) about the perfect ascensions of a team, about the carried out salvage operations in mountain district, etc. The team can bring the stand with itself or make (to buy) on a place.
2. And (on a choice): a slide material or video film (on the same theme). On a place we will give a projector for slides. As to video film its should be in format VHS or on CD. Extent of one of materials should be about 15 minutes.
(about brought materials still it will be stipulated in the subsequent correspondence).

(2). Each team, or only one of its participants will be obliged to accept joint participation in salvage operations in the "mixed" team (according to the script of rescued works which by present time is not developed yet finally). The given action is carried out as demonstration performance of rescuers at festival and as the joint doctrine on rendering assistance to the victim in extreme conditions, instead of is particularly competition between teams.

Joint participation will pass on the following system:
(à). Beforehand there is a mixing participants from the different countries in one team, that probably will lead to formation of several separate teams (depending on number teams arrived on the Gathering - 2003) which after several joint doctrines on rendering assistance in mountain district will make demonstration of rescued work.
(b). It will be offered introduction (i.e. the script is prepared and according to it task will be send). One of examples: the message on the victim in the second base camp at height of 5600 m has arrived. The helicopter drops off a rescue team, which should lower the victim.
(c). In a result one of team wins, and is awarded with memorable prizes and certificates of honor.

(3). The team, in definitely specified period, necessarily should make attempt of ascension on Khan Tengri peak. During ascension on mountain the team should have the stock of the foodstuffs (the high-altitude product is desirable for bringing with itself) and the equipment.

(4). Presence of a flag of the country from which there has arrived a team and a flag (or a trademark) of Emergency Service which is represented with a team if available. The recommended size of flags - (the recommended sizes will be send later).

On questions of participation in "1st International Rescuers Gathering - 2003" to address to e-mail:

The program is below submitted (from July, 17 till August, 07) for the Rescue teams, going to take part in "1st International Rescuers Gathering - 2003".

The program for participants of
"1st International Rescuers Gathering - 2003":

July, 17Arrival meeting at the airport *. Transfer to the "Almaty" hotel (* * * stars). Accommodation in single room with breakfast. Registration all necessary documents.1-3 days
* (days will be prolong)
July, 18Transfer from hotel to "Akkol" base camp * (380 km, 7-8 hours). Tent accommodation with full board meals.2-4 days *
July, 19Free day in "Akkol" base camp, acclimatization ascent to Akkol peak (4000 m above sea level).3-5 days *
July, 20Flight by helicopter to "North Inylchek" base camp *. Tent accommodation with full board days4-7 days *
July, 21 -
August, 1
Period of ascension to Khan Tengri (Northern side) by classic route or by new classic route - "Kuzmin" (intended for professional climbers). There are the fix rope supports along the difficult routes of "Kuzmin".
During the ascension high-altitude tents and food - your own.
from 5 till 16 day
29- 31
Speed ascent to Khan Tengri peak.
The speed ascension will be conducted with the prize fund - $ 3000. Everybody who has sufficient sport qualification is welcome. Date of ascension depends on weather conditions.
from 13 till 15 day
29- 31
For Rescuer's teams (which was invited free-of-charge to the 1st International Rescuers Gathering):
- Joint participation in salvage operations in mountains conditions.
from 13 till 15 day
August, 2Helicopter flight from Northern Inylchek glacier to the "Akkol" base camp *. Accommodation in the tents with three meals per day17-20 days *
The Final Part of the "Second International Festival Khan Tengri 2003" (movies and slide-show of climbers from around the world, performance of famous Kazakh bands, National Kazakh sports games (Kokpar, Kyz Kuu), sport activity: ski-tour to "Marble Wall" peak (6400 m), Bayankol river rafting, horse rides, mounting-bicycle driving, trekking, helicopter and balloon tours, disco).from 18 till 20 day
August, 6Driving to Almaty * (380 km, 7-8 hours). Accommodation at the hotel "Almaty".
Summarizing of festival "Khan Tengri 2003" and "1st International Rescuers Gathering":
- City tour for participants.
- Meeting of participants of the 1st International Rescuers Gathering with organizers of festival (heads of Rescue Services of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city hall and Central Sport Club of Army of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
- Visiting of division of Almaty City Rescue Service (excursion in division).
21-23 days *
August, 7Transfer from hotel to airport *.22-24 days *


*Khan Tengri is considered as 6995 in Russia

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