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November, 2002 news

27 November, 2002 Jubelee Expedition "Everest 2003" (Tibet) devoted to the 300 anniversary of Saint Petersburg - members resumes

27 November, 2002 Ukraine Dhaulagiri Expedition (October 2002)

27 November, 2002 Togliatti Cho Oyu Expedition (May 2002) - the report

22 November, 2002
The Second International Festival “Khan-Tengri 2003”

20 November, 2002 Vyborg : Climbing Competition

8 November, 2002

Kazakhstan Shisha Pangma 2002 Expedition: photo gallery

Tomaz Humar summited Shisha Pangma (Main and Central) together with the Kazakhstan team (see below)

7 November, 2002 Winter International K2 Expedition

6 November, 2002
"Above the Clouds", by Anatoli Boukreev and Linda Wylie (editor), wins the Jon Whyte Award for Mountain Literature, sponsored by The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.(BANFF book festival, Canada). The book is a compilation of Boukreev’s mountaineering diaries from 1989 to his death on Annapurna in 1997. Above the Clouds is published by Saint Martin’s Press (USA, 2001).

6 November, 2002 Denis Urubko: It was really strong climb... - about this Autumn Shisha Pangma climb.

3 November, 2002 Nuptse East: Valery Babanov reported the expedition is over

1 November, 2002 Report about the First International Festival ''Khan Tengri 2000''


20 November, 2002 Climbing competition, organized by Saint Petersburg Ice Climbing Committee, took place in Monrepo Park near Vyborg on the 17th of November. Winners among men: K. Kogukhov (1), A. Prjamitsky (2), A. Tchernikov (3) Winners among women: O. Adamskaya (1), N. Tchernikova (2), N. Verbitskaya (3)


Denis Urubko wrote: This winter we are leaving for K2. Polish expeditions led by Krzysztof Wielicki made several attempts from the South in the end of 90-ies but failed due to very deep snow. However, in 2000 their reconnaisance showed that snow conditions are better from the North. This winter they intended to made a strong team and invited several climbers from ex-USSR. However, it appears that only Gia Tortladze from Georgia, Ilyas Tukhvattulin from Uzbekistan, Vassili Pivtsov and me can participate in the expedition.

We plan to start from Bishkek on December 17 by trucks to the Chinese border and then through Kashgar to the Base Camp at the mountain. After our recent ascent on Shishapangma in the beginning of winter monsoon I can clearly imagine that we will face considerable difficulties. But this makes the climb more challenging and attractive. I hope that my acclimatization after previous eight-thousander will not dissappear completely in two month and will help in the beginning of the climb.

Denis. 6 October, Almaty

Translated by Andrei Shiryaev

Denis is sponsored by MANARAGA, SALICE, LA SPORTIVA

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