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September, 2002 news


27 September, 2002 Kazakhstan Shishapangma Expedition will start at 5th of October. The combined team (5 climbers) will fly to Delhi, then to Kathmandu.

26 September, 2002 Nuptse East: Winter in the Base Camp

24 September, 2002 Nuptse East: dispatch from the Base Camp

16 September, 2002 Nuptse East Expedition: dispatch from Namche Bazar.

14 September, 2002 Nuptse East Expedition: dispatch from Kathmandu.

12 September, 2002 Nuptse East Expedition: the start.

11 September, 2002 Belukha-2002 Festival: climbers from the Central Sport Club of Army (Kazakhstan) took part in the speedy ascension to Belukha (4506m, Altay) from the South. Serguey Brodsky won the competition - his result was 6 hours 45 minutes 33 seconds (base camp- top- base camp)! Now the team is preparing to the Shishapangma expedition - they will start soon from Almaty.

6 September, 2002

Alexander Kolchin (Saint Petersburg) - Master of Sports of the International level, the Champion and the prizewinner of the USSR Mountaineering Championships, coach of the some generations of climbers in Leningrad Department of Spartak, the author of the mountaineering book and articles - the history of the Leningrad Mountaineering Society, active climber nowdays - today he is 70! Happy birthday to him!

6 September, 2002 Everest North Face 2003: the preparation for the expedition is continuing. Victor Kozlov said that he'll invite to Moscow the leaders of the groups, which the future team will consists of, in the end of September- beginning of October, for the final confirmation of the members list together with the coach of the expedition Nikolay Cherny (Moscow). They are: Serguey Timofeev (Yekaterinburg), Yuri Koshelenko (Rostov-Don), Pavel Shabalin (Kirov). Other leaders will be determined soon. Than the press-conference will take place in Moscow. One of the sponsors of the project will be BASK, the company, well-known as the sponsor of the many serious Russian mountaineering expeditions. BASK will "dress" the team.

Victor Kozlov last projects: mountaineering films "Ushba", "Russian 8000-peak", expedition to Lhotse Middle (8414m) - Spring 2001


11 September, 2002 The team of the Central Sport Club of Army (Kazakhstan) worked at the Belukha-2002 Festival as a rescuers, took part in the speedy ascension to Belukha East, the highest point of Siberia (4506m). The competition was in 21 August, 2002. Serguey Brodsky became the winner - 6 hours 45 minutes !

The results: time of climbing (start in 6a.m. from the base camp (1900m)

finish (base camp)
Brodsky S.
Chumakov D.
Litvinov V.
Rudakov A.
Puchinin A.


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