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February 2004 news

23 February, 2004 Everest, North Wall - press-conference and Te Deum before the start.

18 February, 2004

The Russian Everest Expedition to the Central North Wall will start soon! The oficial team list will be announced at the press-conference in Moscow Feb 20. Then the team will fly to Kathmandu Feb.25. Victor Kozlov - the head of the expedition, Nickolay Cherny - coach of the team. Photo of the route.

7 February, 2004 Valery Babanov and Yuri Koshelenko were awarded by Piolet D'Or 2003 for their climb to Nuptse East. Congratulations!

2 February , 2004

Winter Lenin tragedy: the team summited Lenin Peak Feb 1 after spending night at 6000. They climbed via Arkin route. While descending Daniyar Mynzhysarov lost and attempts to find him did not give any results at night. Feb 2 searching raid was started at the altitude of 6500m and at
11-00 at 6200 m his body was found with a craniocereberal trauma. The group has started to descend with the dead climber. A helicopter from Almaty flew off at 12.45.

1 February , 2004

Lenin Winter: January 29-30 the group spent night at 4400 m The temperature was -30C. The team work according the plan.

1 February, 2004 Yesterday the members of the project "Adventure Team Alpindustria" leave for two highest tops of the continents.
The first group of 11 persons under the leadership of Kiril Staravoitev flies out in direction to Tanzania for climbing the highest peak of Africa - Kilimanjaro (5895 m).
The second group of 18 persons under the leadership of Ludmila Korobeshko and the captain of the team Aleksandor Abramov make the way towards Argentina for ascension the highest peak of the South and North America - Aconcagua (6959m).
We are planning to transmit the daily news about the expedition from the Aconcagua.