"You can't race any higher in Europe!!!"


Jornet and Shkel

Two leaders are reaching the finish lane at 5000 m. Photo: Andrew Gromov

Saint Petersburg
Sep, 25 2013 .


The annual Elbrus speed climb competitions VIII International ELBRUS RACE, was held Sep, 18-21 2013. In the eighth time in the fall beginning, the strongest mountaineers athletes gathered there to show the best result in the running to the highest Europe peak.

Sep, 18 was the short race from Bochki till Pastukhova rocks Qualification start. It needed for the test of the athletes: whos trained enough for the main Elbrus Race route.

Elbrus Race started Sep, 20 from Azau (2400 m), in 6 a.m. When six racers were already running up, altitude marshals radioed from the route, that the weather conditions worsened: heavy snowstorm, strong wind and low visibility and a lot of fresh snow. The race had been stopped, because the further climb wasnt safe. Elbrus Race was postponed to the next day.

The Chief Marshal in late evening decided to set the race finish at 5000 m due to the same conditions. But our Elbrus Race, in spite of all, coordinates with its slogan You cant race any higher in Europe!

The race began Sep, 21 in 7 a.m.
Then the wind became stronger, and Elbrus cleared to 9-30 a.m. This year the main intrigue was the competition between Catalan Kilian Jornet, whos well-known for records on Mont Blanck and Matterhorn, and Russian Vitaly Shkel, the skyrunning Champion in Russia.
It was interesting for media, mountaineers and mountain runners.

Elbrus Race completed successfully, and showed the great surprise: in the extremely hard fight the both athletes reached the finish line at 5000 m simultaneously, with the result 2 hrs 37 min 06 sec.
The average speed of their climb was 16 vertical meters per min! (the size of 5-stores house!) and so 173 times from the start to finish!

The great result showed also Polish athletes Daniel Choinacki (he became the third in the race) and Blazej Lyjak. Among the athletes, who run in Classic class (the route from Bochki till 5000 m) the Winner was Valentin Vergiljush (who was the Winner in International Elbrus Race in 2009). The second was Russian Alexander Popov, the third was American Todd Gilles.

VIII International Elbrus Race became the bright sport event: the strongest runners, professional marshals team, the fast decisions in the bad weather conditions on the serious peak.
The main question wholl beat Andrzej Bargiels record (2010), stay still.

This year, in spite of weather, the sport enthusiasm and climbing solidarity led on this race.
The competition was under the patronage of Ministry of Sport and Tourism of Republic Kabardino-Balkaria,

International Elbrus Race organizers: TOP SPORT TRAVEL (www.sklon.ru) and WWW.RUSSIANCLIMB.COM.

The general sponsor: NPF BASK (www.bask-company.ru)

Therere actual Elbrus records, set in International Elbrus Rces:

Andrzej Bargiel (Poland) from Azau to West Elbrus top showed the result 3 hrs 23 min 37 sec (2010)

Svetlana Sharipova (Kazakhstan) has established the women's record at the route from the Barrels, which lasts till now: 3 hrs 21 min 29 sec. This is by far the absolute female record in speed climb of the highest point of Europe from the Barrels. (2006)

Anton Proshenko (Russia) on Barrels-West top route showing time 2 hrs 28 Min 02 sec! (this is by far the absolute speed record ascent on Mount Elbrus from Barrels). (2012)


Elena Laletina
Nickolay Shustrov

Vitaly Shkel & Kilian Jornet

Daniel, Blazej, Kilian and Valentin

Serguey Kolyshev




Saint Petersburg
Sep, 11 2013 .


Elbrus speed climb competition VIII International ELBRUS RACE will held Sep, 20, 2013., Organizers: TOP SPORT TRAVEL (www.sklon.ru) WWW.RUSSIANCLIMB.COM. At the eighth time in the Fall beginning the strongest athletes gather to compete on the highest Europe peak.
The general sponsor: BASK company (Outdoor equipment).
This year athlets from 12 countries have already registered for the competition: Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Poland, Bosnia and Gerzegovina, USA, Ukraine, Belorussia, Spain.

The actual world records had been set in International Elbrus Rce in different years:

Andrzej Bargiel (Poland): the absolute record in Elbrus speed climb from the bottom (Azau) to West top - 3 hrs 23 min 37 c. (2010)
Svetlana Sharipova (Kazakhstan): women record on the route Bochki West top 3 hrs 21 min 29 c (2006)
Anton Proshenko (Russia): man record on the route Bochki West top 2 hrs 28 min 02 c (2012)

Therell be many quite strong sportsmen in VIII International Elbrus Race. Kilian Jornet, the leader of the Worlds rating in mountaim maraphons, is among them. Only some days ago he set the fantastic record on Matterhorn: ascended and descended in 2 hrs 52 min. (he run from Chervinia village to the top in 1 hrs 56 min). That result became the sensation Kilian was 20 min faster than Bruno Brunod, whos record was actual since 1995.

In july 2013 Kilian set the record on Mont Blanc he reached the top in 4 hrs 57 min (the previous record was 5 hrs 11 min, Pierre-Andre Gobet )
Now Kilian hopes to win Elbrus Race too, and this attempt attracts media attention.

The strong Polish and Russian athletes will be his competitors.
Greece runner Natalia Papounidou will try to win Elbrus Race among women. Natalia was a many-time prize-winner in Eruropean mountain maraphons, and SOLUKHUMBU TRAIL 2011.
VIII International Elbrus Race promises to be the bright sport event!

. Opening ceremony will held Sep, 17 in Azau. Elbrus Race will be Sep, 20. Start on 6 am.

The annual International Elbrus Race competitions are under the patronage the Ministry of Sports of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic

The official site: www.elbrusrace.com