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Mikhail Pershin

Born Dec. 11, 1971

1993-2000 - Master of Sports of International Level in mountaineering, the Winner and Prizer of All Russia Mountaineering Championships

1999 - The best mountaineer of Russia

The best climb:
1998-99. - Ak Su Winter first ascent in party with I. Nefjodov. It's the best climb of 90-ties.

Svobodnaja Korea (Winter)

Korona (Winter)

Slesova Peak - first climb

Petit Dru

Talay Sagar - first climb

Lenin Peak

2001 - Discovery AR World Championship, Switzerland, member

2001 - Adrenalin Rush, Scotland, member

2002 - Salomon Adventure Trophy, Poland, member

2002 - Arctic Circle Traverse, Sweden, member

2002 - ARUS Adventure Race, Russia, organizer