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Kazbek Hamitsaev

Born August, 20 1948 in Ahksar village in Ossetia. Graduated from North-Caucasus Minor-Metallurgical Institute in 1974. Graduated from the University in 1977 as journalist. Knows five languages.

"Snow leopard"

Among his first merits - construction of the major intersystem electric mains which have connected Northern Ossetia with Dagestan and Georgia which are named " Lines of friendship ", construction of the first air-line of electricity transmissions through a main Caucasus ridge for electrosupply of South Ossetia, introduction of emergensy automatics devices in power supply system "Sevkavkazenergo" .

In 1979 - the leader ov ascent of virgin top which was named "Olympiad - 80" in honour of the Moscow Olympic Games.

Since 1986 - the President of Mountaineering Federation of Northern Ossetia.

In 1988 - member of Soviet-Italian high-altitude expedition"Pamir - 88" ( ascent to peak Korzhenevskoj, 7105m.)

In 1991 was the initiator and the founder of first North-Osetiya Republican climbing club " Kazbek ".

In 1989, 1990 and in 1992 - the head of the North-Osetiya expeditions to Pamir and Tien Shan where the team has ascended all 7000-ers of the USSR: peak Korzhenevskoj (7105m.), peak Lenin (7134 m.), peak. Communism (7495 m.), peak Khan Tengri (7010 m.) and peak Pobeda (7439 m).

In 1995 and 1997 - the head of 1-st North-Osetiya, then Russian scientific Himalaya expeditions, (the team has twice summited Everest (8848 m.). Kazbek has summited Everest on May, 13, 1995.

Since 1995 worked in Ministry RSO-Alanija on affairs of nationalities and external communications, from 1998 - in Committee RSO-A on resort business and tourism. From 1999 - in Committee RSO-A on trade, resort business, tourism and consumer services, and in 2002 in Committee RSO-Alanija on tourism and resort business as the chief of a department as the vice-president.

In 1997 - coach of a team of the Russian scientific expedition "Everest - 97". Despite of the extreme climatic conditions, the most complex part of Northern Wall of the Everest - the first rocky bastion - has been climbed.

According to the American bibliographic institute (Northern Carolina, Contemporary Who ' s Who) Kazbek Khamitsaev has been awarded with a rank " the Person of year " in 2002

Chairman of the Commission on preparation of International class mountain guides of the international class.of Russian Mountaineering Federation

Has Government awards; a rank " the Honoured worker of physical training SOASSR ". 1990; a medal " In glory of Ossetia ", 1995; " the Award of Courage ", 1997; " the Award of Friendship " 1995

Married. Three children.

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