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January, 2003 news

30 January, 2003 NETIA K2 POLISH WINTER EXPEDITION:Denis Urubko, Marcin Kaczkan and Piotr Morawski are going to reset Camp2.

31 January, 2003 Antarctida - Russia 2003: 01.30.03 about 01.00 a.m. Eugeny Vinogradsky, Alexander Foigt and Valery Pershin in the hard wind conditions summited virgin peak and entitled it Georgy Zhukov Peak. Congratulations to climbers! The other team is working at Schwartze- they have climbed a quarter of the whole route.

30 January, 2003

Antarctida - Russia 2003 expedition: the team work at the route on Peak Schwartze (2585m) in Voltat massiff, Peterman Mountain. The route difficulty is about 6 grade/Russian.

The team arrived to Antarctida on 01.26.03 They visited Novolazarevskaya station. The main goal of the expedition - to climb virgin summits in Voltat massiff and entitled them. Besides of topography researches, the expeditions plans to conduct medical, biological and psychophysical researches that concerns extreme polar conditions.
The team includes most experienced Russian climbers: Eugeny Vinogradsky, Nikolay Zakharov, Valery Pershin, Alexander Foigt, Gleb Sokolov, Piotr Kuznetsov, Oleg Khvostenko, coach Yuri Baikovsky and a head of the expedition, vice-president of Russian Olympic Committee, Valery Kuzin.

29 January, 2003 NETIA K2 POLISH WINTER EXPEDITION:The Mount can surprise climbers by a lot of difficulties: hard frosts, storm winds and avalanches, and all of these moments are very cool in Winter. But the hardest problem - as usually in the mountain, are climbers themself. Unexpected tips of relations in the team can decsease the success of the expedition, and it has nothing to do with the Mount.

The situation in the expedition became very difficult. Gia and Ilias have left the team, Vassiliy has to refuse taking part in further work because of his family circumstances. But Denis Urubko has got the very hard decision to stay with the Polish team. We understand, what does it mean, but Urubko is Urubko - he couldn't make the easy decision...The expedition is continuing.

28 January, 2003 NETIA K2 POLISH WINTER EXPEDITION: The Camp2 was swept away by the storm wind. Maciej Pawlikowski and Dariusz Zaluski descended to the base camp.

22 January, 2003 NETIA K2 POLISH WINTER EXPEDITION: Denis Urubko, Vassiliy Pivtsov and Iljas Tukhvatullin set up the Camp2 on 6700m on the North Ridge of K2 - 21 January.

21 January, 2003 NETIA K2 POLISH WINTER EXPEDITION: Krzysztof Wielicki and Jasek Berbeka couldn't set Camp2 because of very hard conditions at the route. They ascended to BC. Urubko, Pivtsov, Tortladze and Tukhvatullin started up to the next attempt to set Camp2 at 6600m.

20 Januaru 2003 The First Ice-climbing Championship took place in Saint Petersburg on 18-19 January.

18 January, 2003 NETIA K2 POLISH WINTER EXPEDITION: Monika Rogozinska wrote, that it's possible that Krzysztof Wielicki and Jacek Berbeka will set Camp 2 (6600 m) on the route this Saturday. Maciej Pawlikowski and Dariusz Zaluski fixed next 100 m of ropes

17 January, 2003 Asia Travel Ltd., Uzbekistan -special offer for Communism Peak -2003 program.

16 January, 2003 NETIA K2 POLISH WINTER EXPEDITION: the letter from Denis Urubko

15 January, 2003 Asia Travel Ltd., Uzbekistan - company information. Special offer: Lenin Peak-2003 program.

13 January, 2003


Ice-climbing in Saint Petersburg: Alexander Odintsov built the ice column in the yard of his house (Pesochny village, not far from the city). This column is 14m high. The first Saint Petersburg Ice-climbing Championship will take place here on 18-19 January.

12 January, 2003 Serguey Siparov: RUSSIAN VACATIONS - the trilogy - the wonderful funny mountaineering stories about ascents to Korgenevskaya Peak, McKinley and Kilimanjaro. There is the library of mountaimeering stories on Russian version, and now we begin to publish the English version of the library. Read and have fun!

11 January, 2003 The Press Conference the team, which climbed Kilimanjaro in June 2002, took place in RUSSIAN GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY on the 9th of January. This climb was the part of the project 7+, what means the conquering seven highest peaks of all continents + reaching the North Pole, devoted to the 300-anniversary of Saint Petersburg. The next step of the programme - Peak Kostjushko.

9 January 2003 The interview with Krzysztof Wielicki - by Monika Rogozinska, the correspondent of "Rzeczpospolita"

8 January, 2003 The letter from Denis Urubko (K2 Expedition)

7 January 2003 NETIA K2 POLISH WINTER EXPEDITION: the camp1 (5900m) was set on the route 5 Jan. (details - soon)

6 January, 2003 Zailiiskiy Alatau - mountain region of CIS

5 January, 2003 Adventure Silk Road Group Inc., Nepal - company information

4 January, 2003 Sir Christian Bonington greets climbers and wishes them Happy New Year on our Christmas Tree.

3 January 2003 NETIA K2 POLISH WINTER EXPEDITION: the team reached BC (5100m) The temperature in New Year's night was -30,5 °C. (information: Monika Rogozinska)