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September, 2003 news

29 September, 2003 Angarsk Cho Oyu Expedition: team has set Camp 1 at 6100 m. They plan summit push on 7-8 October (message by Eugeny Vinogradsky)

29 September , 2003 Jannu, North Face. Group-leader has fracture of his hand... there are few of climbers on the route, but expedition will continue.

27 September, 2003 Denis Urubko and Simone Moro summited Elbrus September 25. Congratulations!

25 September, 2003 Nuptse East: the third attempt Mountaineers reached 5700 (September 22-23), then they rested September 24. The weather's bad: snowfalls and rains every day, it's cold. But they try to meet a probable weather window as high as possible.

22 September , 2003

Jannu, North Face. Finalmente!!! Today Mikhail Bakin, the expedition doctor, reports via radio from Gunza that team is OK. Totmjanin and Pershin are planning to climb tommorow, the other members are working on the mountain. They have set Camp II at 6000m and going to work above it. Odintsov and Ruchkin will come back to Base Camp tommorow.

22 September, 2003 Nuptse East: the third attempt Valery Babanov and Yuri Koshelenko have reached Base Camp under Nuptse.

22 September , 2003 Jannu, North Face. Communication problems with the team are still existing. Mikhail Mikhailov are already in Bishkek, at his home. He feels well.

20 September, 2003 Denis Urubko and Simone Moro have met again. Now they're planning to climb Elbrus - in the end of September. Now they're training in home mountains and rocks not far from Almaty

20 September, 2003 «Lenin Peak – 75 years» Even preliminary analysis shows the intensive growing interest to the region – not less than 500 mountaineers have made an attempt to climb the peak. There have not been so many mountaineers since the time of Soviet Union.

18 September, 2003 Press conference of members of Kazakhstan team, who took part in Karakorum expedition to three 8000-ers this summer, took place in Almaty September 2. Their next project - Makalu in the Spring 2004. (photos - on Russian version )

18 September , 2003 Jannu, North Face. The team has some problems with sat phone. Mikhail Mikhailov will fly to Bishkek tomorrow

16 September, 2003 Nuptse East: the third attempt by Valery Babanov - now with Yuri Koshelenko. Expedition begins - they arrived to Kathmandu and fly to Lukla today.

16 September , 2003 Jannu, North Face. Mikhail Mikhailov was delivered to the hospital in Kathmandu by the helicopter, he's out of danger. It was occured due to the skill and courage of Russian pilot, Victor Kolesnikov, who was the crew commander on the helicopter. Expedition is continuing.

14 September , 2003

Jannu, North Face. The icefall appeared more difficult than we thought. September 12, at 5 p.m. at 5100 m Mikhail Mikhailov was covered by ice avalanche on the icefall. He was injured, has some fractures. Now it's the broblem to transport him down. Helicopter may come tomorrow and catch out guys from 5100. Team members are in turn with Mikhail, take him anaesthetic medicines.

11 September , 2003 Jannu, North Face: We couldn't reach 5400 today and returned to the Base Camp. The weather's bad, it's rain and snow every day. Jannu North Face is white, covered by snow

11 September, 2003 "Communism - 70 years" and "Korjenevskaya - 50 years" jubilee ascents - "Alp-Navruz" and "Asia Travel" project

9 September , 2003 Jannu, North Face The team reached Base Camp yesterday. Tomorrow they'll begin to work at the route.

8 September , 2003 Jannu, North Face. We are in Gunza. We'll start to Kombachen tomorrow and then to the Base Camp We'll write you from Base.

7 September , 2003

Jannu, North Face. The expedition is on their way to Jannu. The situation in Nepal is very difficult because of maoists rebellion. The team hoped to fly by helicopter , but they are obliged to walk. September 5 they were in Amjulhasa, in Nepal jungle.

Photogallery "Children of Eastern Nepal"