"Memory is the life reached shining tops"

In June, 2005 the group of the Kazakhstan climbers - Vladimir Suviga, Valery Shapovalov and Natalia Skorohodova - has established a memorial board near Manaslu base camp - to their friends who dead while climbed this peak.

Words from the book " We are dissolved in elements " by Valery Khrishaty: "In Fall 1990 just after " fantastic traverse " (traverse Pobeda peak - Khan Tengri peak, including 15 tops above 6000 m during 15 days - ed. note) guys have gone to the Himalayas on Manaslu (8156 m). The team consisted of eight persons: Kazbek Valiev - the leader, Murat Galiev, Victor Dedy, Grigory Lunjakov, Zinur Khalitov, Valery Khrishaty, Andrew Tselishev and doctor Valentine Makarov. Climbing a wall route, in the Alpine style (without setting of intermediate camps and supplementary oxygen) - they (who all were experts), ascended powerfully. They have already climbed the complex Manaslu icefall where the reliable safety is impossible - and Zinur Halitov, Grigory Lunjakov and Murat Galiev on October, 7th were finishing to climb the upper part of the wall at the altitude of 7400 meters. Not too much meters remained to the more easy way before the summit... But there was a failure. Zinur, Grigory and Murat were lost. Friends have buried them at the altitude".

In December, 1995 Kazakstan team led by Kazbek Valiev devoted their Manaslu ascent to friends's memory. They climbed normal route in the heavy winter conditions, without oxygen - Vladimir Suviga, Yuri Moiseyev, Oleg Malikov, Anatoly Boukreev, Alexander Bajmahanov, Shovhat Gataullin, Dmitry Muravjev, Dmitry Sobolev summited Manaslu. Mikhail Mikhailov (the yongest member in the team) and Dmitry Grekov have done a lot of work in that expedition too.

" Kazahstan climbers Grigory Lunjakov, Zinur Khalitov, Murat Galiev Were lost on wall Manaslu 07.10.1990".

Source: www.mountain.kz