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Международная зимняя экспедиция на К2 (Россия, Казахстан, Киргизия), 2019

хроника экспедиции


Видесюжеты от команды

часть 1


Артем Браун о хорошей погоде



Роман Абилдаев о третьем высотном выходе

Roman Abildaev about the third push on K2:

The forecast promised 2-days window above 7000 m, so we decided to start in bad weather for work above 7000 in good weather. We had a plan to set C3 and to work some further. In fact, arriving to C2, we've caught very strong wind, which didn't permit us to  work up - neither us, neither Artiom's group. So, that day we sat, there's the blizzard.  Next day in the strong wind conditions we managed to reach 7000m, where in 14-30 we found the convenient site for the tent. Above this point technical part of route begins, so we decided to stop there for the night. Next day we continued, also in strong wind, managed to reach about 7200, where (about 100 from the end of Black Pyramid) we left our materials for next work: ropes, tents, food, gear, and returned - that day we descended to C2, and next day returned to BC.



Несколько секунд на спуске к С2

Some seconds on the descent to C3



Начало ледопада

Icefall beginning near ABC