JANNU North Face(7710 m)
Peak of Terror
Mystery Peak
Main unsolved problem of Himalaya.

Unclimbed Wall became a fixed idea for Russian climbers. The team led by Odintsov is going to conquer it.


Trekking to Jannu Base Camp.

9 September 2003 Odintsov called yesterday, that the team has reached Base Camp. Today they have rest, and are going to begin their work at the route tomorrow.

8 September 2003

Hi! We are in Gunza, all the team. Samoilenko and Kuznetsov look like natives after waiting us in Gunza during our trip. We'll start to Kombachen tomorrow and then to the Base Camp - it'll take us 5 hours. Yaks carry our loads, we carry ourselves... We'll write you from Base.

The team, September7, 12-30

Photogallery "Children of Eastern Nepal" (by Oleg Zagainov, Saint Petersburg)

In May 2003 the team of climbers from Saint Petersburg went to Kangchenjunga region to make the reconnaissance of unclimbed 7000er. On their way they made pictures of Jannu - these pictures helped Odintsov's team in preparing to expediion. And also Oleg Zagainov fixed a lot of ethnografical material. This's the first gallery.


6 September 2003 The expedition is on their way to Jannu. The situation in Nepal is very difficult because of maoists rebellion. The team hoped to fly by army helicopter , but they are obliged to walk. It probably take them 8-10 days to reach Base Camp. September 5 they were in Amjulhasa (2350 m), in Nepal jungle.

1 September , 2003 Mikhail Mikhailov:

We are still in the small village Phidim, at 1200 m.
Probably, we'll go walk to the Base Camp, because helicopter didn't fly. That's a pity. It will take us 8-10 days to reach the Base Camp. So, wish us good luck and stay in touch.

Mikhail Mikhailov, 1 September, 6-59 p.m.

August 29, 2003 Alexander Odintsov called:

Maoists rebellion begins in Nepal. The emergency situation is announced. THe team is Phidim, at the halp of way to Jannu. THey are waiting army helicopter, but it's unclear if it will fly.

28 August, 2003 Ekatherina Goryshina:

The team has left Kathmandu by bus at 7-00 a.m. They'll arrive to Phidim today evening. Next day the expedition will fly by hlicopter to Gunza. On the picture - the team before leaving Kathmandu.

Kate, August 28, 11-26, Kathmandu, Royal Trekking


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