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25 April, 2003 Andrey Ershov:

The days of rest and recuperation at BC after the work on the North Col and 7500 are coming to the end. Marina Ershova and Anatoly Moshikov are in a good health, Tom Masterson is full of power and now the expedition team is ready to continue their hard work on the high altitude. The main goal of their third altitude trip is installation of Camp 2 on 7800 and portage of food, gas and other necessary things there. It is clear that without help of climbing Sherpas it is a very difficult and hard work. If all is OK, the team will try to climb upper to 8300. They hope that the other expeditions did not lose the time and fixed ropes to the place of Camp 2.
Yesterday four team members - Nikolay Totmyanin, Vladimir Gaidamak, Vladimir Belous and Andrey Dulskiy - went up to ABC. The rest of the team including the expedition cook and our doctor Dmitry Pryutts will go to ABC today - tomorrow.
Our trekking party has flown to Nepal and after their journey along Tibet they will arrive at BC around May 5. They will bring to our expedition members gifts and regards from their friends and relatives, as well as sausage and bacon, which there were stolen by yak drivers during the installation of ABC.

25 April, 2003

New expedition photos !

Camp 1 on the North Col, 7010 m

view of Mt. Everest and climbing route from the North Col

April 24, Marina Ershova:

route from Camp 1 to 7500

I am calling from BC - we all came down for rest after our second walk to the North Col and upper. On April 18 Oleg Nasedkin and me went up to ABC and reached it on April 19, the other members left BC and reached ABC on April 19. The next day we spent at ABC because of bad weather. On April 21 we climbed the North Col and found our Camp 1 destroyed, maybe, by wind. We were forced to install our tents again and spent a night on the Col. On April 22 we climbed up along the North Ridge to the altitude about 7500-7800 m but we didn't find any fixed ropes there. Then Moshnikov, Totmyanin and Gaidamak decided to spend the second night on the North Col and the others came down to ABC. During our descent we saw many Sherpas - maybe they went up to fix ropes above the North Col. On April 23 we all - from ABC and from the North Col - came down to BC.
I think we will spend about three - four days at BC for rest and recuperation. Our doctor taught our Nepalese cook to make a Russian soup - "shchi" and it was a big surprise for us!