Expedition "PAMIR 2005"

Cordadoppia association ( www.cordadoppia.it), whose seat is in Val Vomano, Teramo (Italy), has organized a climbing expedition to reach the top of Peak Lenin, 7134 mts, on the Zaalaysky range of north-western part of Pamir, in Central Asia (Kyrkyzstan).
Pamir consists of a group of mountains which extends throughout the territories of Kyrkyzstan and Tajikistan Republics (ex URSS); this mountain chain is characterized by many peaks and eternal glaciers.

The Zaalaysky range develops itself along the geographic parallels and it is 150 kms long ; Peak Lenin is just in the middle.

The Pamir exploration had already started in 1928 (under the power of the URSS Science Accademy), but, only in 1934, three Sovietic climbers, K. Cermukha, V. Abalakov and I. Lukin opened a route on the northern side (along the Lipkin Rocks ) starting from A. Achik-Tash upland plain, reaching in the end the summit at 7134 mts.

Today, on the northern side, seven routes have been opened and nine on the southern one.The chosen route to climb Peak Lenin is located on the northern side and it is called V.Kovaliov.It was opened in 1954, going all over the eastern crest, after having reached Peak Razdelnaya.The route is completely situated in Kyrkyzstan, since this side is just on the boundary of Tadjikistan. According to the Russian CIS scale, this route belongs to 5A,which,in the European scale, corresponds to Td/-ED(very difficult).It is a very long, binding route, as well as the extreme changements of weather, with so low temperatures and strong winds.

The expedition will be in "alpine style", light and fast. The cordadoppia team is composed of Carlo Zuccarini, Tommaso Zuccarini and Alfiero Calvarese. During the expedition, the group will be able to send daily reports, containing photos and messages. In this way you will be able to follow the group during the different and numerous phases of the climbing, thanks to technological equipment, such as Pc Compaq, satellite phone Turaya, solar pannels (Soco mod. Oasi and Laccadive), digital photocamera Nicon etc-
A special thank to those(friends, sponsors and corporations)who, through their help, have made all these things possible.

Carlo Zuccarini