BASK company jubilee: 20!

The company heads Bogdanov brothers


June, 19, 2012 BASK-company selebrated his 20th birthday. On the sunrise of Russian market economy two brothers-physicists Vladimir and Serguey Bogdanov began to sew down jackets for their colleagues-adventurers. Also they designed the kayaks, named them with historically-significant names - as BASK-1, BASK-2, BASK-3: So, the famous Russian outdoor-equipment brand was born.

Boris Korshunov on the VI International Elbrus Race (September 2010)

BASK company is the general sponsor of International Elbrus Race

BASK-company not only produce nice and good-quality gear, but also supports the  bold and important adventure projects. Yacht adventures, polar trips, International Elbrus Race and many other projects - interesting, bold and zippy.

And, of course, the mountaineering expeditions. Almost all Russian mountaineering celebrities climbed in BASK equipment - Alexander Ruchkin, Gleb Sokolov, Valery Babanov, Denis Urubko, Valery Rozov, Alexander Odintsov, Nickolay Totmjanin, Alexander Foigt, Alexander Klenov, Mikhail Davy, Yuri Koshelenko, Dmitry Pavlenko, Boris Korshunov and others:

In 2007 the company organized the great festival "The Gold of Russian mountaineering". All Russian teams, awarded by Piolet D'Or, did their "golden" climbs  in the BASK equipment.
This year BASK-company in the fifth time became the general sponsor of the International Elbrus Race - the annual competitions in Elbrus speed climb,  which Russianclimb.com and Top Sport Travel run since 2005.  And we're very thankful this company!

A lot of good friends met on the jubilee party in Moscow in the BASK's shop "Aktivny Otdyh". Me and Nick Shustrov (the head of Top Sport Travel and the organizer of International Elbrus Race) were among the guests. It was the nice evening!

Many returns of the day and the best wishes for the founders and the all staff of the BASK company!

Everest summiteer Ludmila Korobeshko congratulates jubileers

Vladimir Janochkin and girls

Ivan Dusharin and Alexander Lastochkin

Vladimir Shataev and Bogdanov brothers

Julia Kuznetsova

Serguey Mindelevich congratulates BASK

Moscow Mountaineering federation's head congratulates BASK

Nick Shustrov and Dmitry Pavlenko

Dmitry Pavlenko

Alexander Ruchkin, Victor Bobok and Valery Rozov

Victor Volodin and Alexander Ruchkin

Elena Laletina, Russianclimb.com

Photo: Leonid Mach and Russianclimb